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Funding Opportunities

Current Funding Opportunities

The initial project goals have been met, the clinic has been opened, and we have also purchased further equipment to complete four additional treatment rooms that were left unfurnished in the original plans (three planned treatment rooms and a portion of the x-ray room).  Additional money not needed for equipment will be used for continued start-up expenses and to help establish a patient subsidy fund.

Initial Project Budget

Thank you to all who helped meet our initial fund-raising goal and open the doors fo the clinic.

Building Construction and associated professional fees $150,000
Equipment/Furnishing $100,000
Support for two years ($50,000 each year) $100,000
Total Budget $350,000

Sources of Funding

Funding has been provided and is continuing to be sought from congregations, individuals, service organizations, professional organizations, and dental equipment manufacturers and supply companies. Every gift large or small is important to the realization of the Dental Clinic. Fund-raising is being coordinated by the Dental Clinic Committee representatives of First Presbyterian Church, Fargo, North Dakota. Individuals are available to visit with interested persons or organizations.

Money Management

A dedicated account has been established to receive and disperse funds. A system has been agreed upon to verify accountability of all disbursements. First Presbyterian Church, Fargo has set up a dedicated account to receive all donations and will disperse money for necessary expenses. All donations are tax deductible. One hundred percent of your contribution will be directly used to support the project.

Fund Raising

There are opportunities to support needs over and above the original project. Examples of additional needs include a computer system for the clinic ($12,000), business office furnishings and a record system ($5,000), and funding for treatment of patients in need of financial support through a patient subsidy fund. Your financial support is gratefully appreciated.

Donations should be made to:
First Presbyterian Church – Kikuyu Hospital Dental Clinic Project
P.O. Box 327
Fargo, North Dakota 58107

Last updated: 05/22/2009
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