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Project History

In June of 2000 the First Presbyterian Church of Fargo, North Dakota sent a mission group to Kikuyu Hospital just outside Nairobi, Kenya.  Kikuyu Hospital indicated they were interested in establishing a badly needed Dental Unit. During this mission trip a plan to build a dental clinic was initiated with direction from Dr. Salvador de la Torre, the medical officer in charge of the hospital.

Vision Statement

Our mission is to build a modern dental clinic to serve adults and children.  The clinic will provide immediate, comprehensive and preventive services to the general public with special emphasis on the poorest segments of society. Outreach programs will be developed to provide immediate care for those in pain and for referral to the clinic. Neighboring schoolsTwo children and orphanages will receive outreach preventive dental education and services. The facility will offer opportunities for mission minded professionals from the United States and other countries to volunteer their time and talents as educators or service providers. The vision of the clinic will be to provide quality comprehensive dental services in a pleasant environment and adhering to the highest quality sterilization procedures.

Goals and Objectives

The Dental Unit will be operated and maintained by Kenyans in partnership with the Kikuyu Hospital, PCEA, and First Presbyterian Church, Fargo, ND, USA. It will be financially self sustaining based on fees and services within two years after beginning operation.

The process of the development of the dental unit at Kikuyu Hospital will be in accordance with the mutually agreed upon Memorandum of Understanding and Business Plan between the PCEA Kikuyu Hospital and the First Presbyterian Church of Fargo, ND.    

The Clinic will practice good stewardship of resources.  The development of this clinic will exemplify the ability of people through partnerships to work together to address the needs of communities.

Budget and Finances

A schematic plan was approved by the hospital board at Kikuyu Hospital. An architect was  hired, a detailed architectural plan was completed, and through a bidding process, a contractor was selected. Construction was completed and the clinic was formally dedicated September 9, 2006. The clinic has approximately 3000 square feet of space. A budget of $350,000 was established to construct the building ($150,000), equip four treatment rooms and support areas ($100,000), and provide operational expenses ($100,000) for two years.
In 2009 all the remaining treatment rooms were equipped with a second shipment of equipment.

Fund Raising

Funding has been sought and provided by congregations, individuals, foundations, dental equipment manufacturers and supply companies, professional and service organizations, and the local Kikuyu Community.

Financial support is being received through the First Presbyterian Church, 650 2nd Ave. N.,
Fargo, ND 58102.

This money is kept in a dedicated account and will be responsibly dispersed through appropriate channels when needed. One hundred percent of donations will go directly to the project and contributions received are tax deductible. Every possible effort will be made to be good stewards of resources received.

Last Updated: 05/12/2010
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