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Kikuyu Hospital

Hospital groundsScottish Presbyterian missionaries founded the Presbyterian Hospital at Kikuyu in 1908.The hospital is located 20 kms. from Nairobi city center in Kikuyu constituency, Kiambu District. It draws most of its patients from the surrounding area of over half a million population. This does not include the city of Nairobi with a population of over two million. The hospital is owned by the Presbyterian Church of East Africa and is incorporated under the PCEA Presbyterian Foundation.

The hospital has undergone many changes in staffing, services, and infrastructure over these many years.
Kikuyu Hospital grounds
The General Hospital Unit has expanded in recent years from general medical care to diabetes, skin, TB, HIV/AIDS, ENT, obstetrics, pediatrics, and community health care.

In 1975 the hospital established the EYE UNIT and it serves patients and trains medical personal from East and Central Africa. This unit has enviably made Kikuyu Hospital known well beyond the country’s borders.

Kikuyu Hospital Orthopedics Rehab UnitIn 1993, an Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Unit was established. Emphasis is in treating children, young men and women afflicted by polio, burns, and other congenital deformities. This program has evolved into a comprehensive rehabilitation center and new facilities for this work were built, and dedicated in 1998.

The Dental Unit, dedicated in 2006, is the fourth unit. The clinic will provide immediate, comprehensive and preventive services to the general public with special emphasis on the poorest segments of society. Outreach programs will be developed to provide immediate care for those in pain and for referral to the clinic.

Additional information is available on the hospital Web site: http://www.pceakikuyuhospital.org/ .

Last updated: 05/22/2009
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