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A Partnership in Health Care

The people of Kenya know that dental health is essential to their quality of life. There are 700 dentists for a population of over 32,000,000 people. Most people do not have access to care.

Thanks to a partnership between the Kikuyu Hospital, the Presbyterian Church of East Africa, and supporting churches of the Presbyterian Church (USA), a dental clinic now serves the people of Kenya. Located on the modern health care campus of Kikuyu Hospital, the dental clinic offers the latest in dental care.Partners from the USA and Kenya at the dedication

The Kikuyu Hospital Dental Clinic will be administered, operated and maintained by the people of Kenya, but the degree to which it can succeed depends on the compassion and support of all the friends of the Kenyan people. To assure successful operation of the facility and to meet the needs of all those who are waiting to be served, we need continued support.

The Kikuyu Hospital Dental Clinic is being built on the legacy of care established by Scottish missionaries in 1908 when they built the first hospital in Kenya. Those missionaries knew what the partners in this project know, "...with God everything is possible." When we allow ourselves to be the channels through which God's love and power can work, the distance between continents is reduced and the gaps, between cultures, is minimized.

We welcome your support, your donations and your prayers.

"... with God everything is possible." Matthew 19:26