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We would like to invite you to the Kikuyu Hospital Dental Unit. We are all excited that you plan to join us in the provision of dental services. We welcome all sorts of volunteers; doctors, nurses, dental students, dental lab technologists and dental assistants.   We look forward to your visit and we hope that this will be an unforgettable experience for you. We advise that you get in touch with us at least three months before your intended period of travel to allow for ample time to prepare for your visit.


Only qualified doctors are allowed to treat patients. Doctors wishing to treat patients need to send us copies of their testimonials (certificates of degrees, licenses etc), CV, certified passport photograph, and a letter of good standing from their medical/dental board or council. This allows us to apply for a temporary license for the volunteer doctor from the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board. The license costs about $140 and a processing fee of $50 and is valid for 3 months.

Volunteers also need to write a letter addressed to the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board, giving a brief description of their qualifications and experience. This letter is forwarded through the clinic.

Dental Students

Dental students will need to send their CV, a letter of introduction from their dental school and certified passport photos. The students are involved in outreach programmes to the local community, assisting in the clinic and Oral screening / oral health education to the local schools, orphanages and children’s homes.

Dental Assistants, Nurses and Dental Lab Technologists

The above are required to send us their CVs and testimonials (certificates of degrees, licenses) and a letter of good standing from their council, and certified passport photos.


Our clinic is in great need of supplies, therefore we would be very grateful if you came along with some. Volunteers are encouraged to carry along the items listed below in support of the clinic’s activities.

·         Plenty of Local Anesthesia (1.8ml Cartridges Lignocaine)
·         Dental needles
·         Dental cotton gauze
·         Amalgam
·         Calcium Hydroxide cement (Dycal)
·         Toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, written homecare instructions, mask, gloves,
      eye protection

·         Surgeon’s gowns
·         Fissure sealing material/ composite
·         Etching gel

Volunteers are also encouraged to identity a specific project in the clinic as part of their trip that they could sponsor. Our wish list currently is supplies (listed above), used or new small equipment (e.g. scaling machines, hand pieces etc), and educational materials (specifically DVDs, Charts and Teaching aids), and poor patient subsidy fund/ outreach funds.


There are decent hostels located on the hospital campus. The cost is as follows

Full Board: Double (about 55 US dollars a day) 

Full Board: Single (about 35 US dollars a day)

(The above is inclusive of breakfast, lunch and dinner- VISA payments are acceptable)


The hospital van will meet you at the airport on arrival. Each van can accommodate 5-6 passengers comfortably together with their luggage. The cost is about Ksh. 55 per Km to get to the hospital. The hospital is located 100Km from the airport (to and fro). In other words it will cost you Ksh. 5,500 per van to get you to the hospital from the airport (about 75 US dollars per van). Volunteers may also use the van to take you to any place that they wish at their own cost except Safaris and excursions. On arrival visitors are advised to change into Kenyan currency while still at the airport.


Visiting groups wishing to go for outreaches are required to meet the cost of the outreach which is approximately $350 for each outreach.

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Other Activities

There are several places that you visit during your visit. Please visit www.magicalkenya.com

However it important to note that these activities require ample planning and booking with the travel agency before the intended day of your visit. These arrangements are done privately at the visitors cost, but we are ready to advise you on the possibilities.  

For More Information

If you are interested in volunteering or would like more information, please contact Dr. Johnson Wambugu at johnsonwambugu@yahoo.com.

Last Updated: 05/14/2010

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